IT Principles

We all strive to lead a principled life. A good set of principles enables us to make consistent, high quality decisions quickly. They loosely fall into the categories of 'Do's' and 'Don'ts', and the best of them have a clear logic supporting them. The vast majority of the planet don't kill or steal. Beyond anything intrinsically noble in this principle is the logic of preservation at a personal and collective level. 

Retail Management

A retail management system (RMS), is an integrated set of digital applications that the retailer uses to operate their business. RMS typically includes: Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing & Receiving, Reporting and data driven Dashboard applications. Some also offer ecommerce applications as part of their suite.

Robotic Process Automation

Whilst there are few organisations in Africa to have embarked on the Robotic Process Automation journey, Deloitte are predicting 'near universal' adoption by 2023. If you're a medium or large organisation, with ambitions to be competitive within your sector, chances are you will be on the RPA bandwagon.

So what is it, and what are the business benefits, and how do you get going?

Single View of your Customer

Integration is a key part of what Gartner termed 'post-modern ERP'. The premis is that your IT estate consists of a number of best of breed solutions, decoupled but integrated. The reality for most is that best of breed may be stretching it. At any sort of scale, even the best organisations tend to have a mixture of applications and infrastructure they love, and some they don't, but can't easily replace, the business case doesn't stack, or they simply have higher priority work to attend to.

IT Systems Effectiveness

Over time, differences emerge in the effectiveness of IT systems across organisations. The best are able to use IT to create competitive advantage. They frequently share the same characteristics, namely:

  • Low rates of systems unavailability (less than 0.1% unplanned downtime)
  • High process coverage (i.e. fewer manual processes)
  • Lower costs to deliver the same IT functionality
  • Faster times to market for new IT-based services and solutions

This position will typically be enjoyed by the top 10% or fewer of organisations.

Farai M


This is going to dramatically change the way we work. Instead of spending our time producing numbers, we are going to be able to actually analyse them.

Group Finance Manager

Any Device, Any Location

In 2012 Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed that Facebook was going to become a 'mobile first' company. Since then, we've seen the first 'mobile first' generation enter the economy. Not just represented by young adults in the developed world, but by every age group in the developing world. For many of these, they will be a 'mobile only' generation.

Always On Availability

In a globally-connected world, organisations, their customers and suppliers don't sleep.

We ensure that your business systems are there when they're needed. We manage servers in high availability configurations - typically guaranteeing 99.95% availability, but always aiming for 100% - 365 days of the year.

We design our servers and networks using the principle of 'no single point of failure'. In the event of failure across multiple points, we are able to run replicated servers from our disaster recover site.