Business Process Optimisation

Robotic Process Automation

Whilst there are few organisations in Africa to have embarked on the Robotic Process Automation journey, Deloitte are predicting 'near universal' adoption by 2023. If you're a medium or large organisation, with ambitions to be competitive within your sector, chances are you will be on the RPA bandwagon.

So what is it, and what are the business benefits, and how do you get going?

IT Systems Effectiveness

Over time, differences emerge in the effectiveness of IT systems across organisations. The best are able to use IT to create competitive advantage. They frequently share the same characteristics, namely:

  • Low rates of systems unavailability (less than 0.1% unplanned downtime)
  • High process coverage (i.e. fewer manual processes)
  • Lower costs to deliver the same IT functionality
  • Faster times to market for new IT-based services and solutions

This position will typically be enjoyed by the top 10% or fewer of organisations.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is big news for all our futures, but difficult for Business Leaders to firstly understand with respect to their business, and secondly to action. The reality is that it builds on a very long history of improvements in software and hardware over time, and setting out on the AI road involves doing things that are less foreign than you may think.