Operational Excellence

Robotic Process Automation

Whilst there are few organisations in Africa to have embarked on the Robotic Process Automation journey, Deloitte are predicting 'near universal' adoption by 2023. If you're a medium or large organisation, with ambitions to be competitive within your sector, chances are you will be on the RPA bandwagon.

So what is it, and what are the business benefits, and how do you get going?

Single View of your Customer

Integration is a key part of what Gartner termed 'post-modern ERP'. The premis is that your IT estate consists of a number of best of breed solutions, decoupled but integrated. The reality for most is that best of breed may be stretching it. At any sort of scale, even the best organisations tend to have a mixture of applications and infrastructure they love, and some they don't, but can't easily replace, the business case doesn't stack, or they simply have higher priority work to attend to.